Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Zombie Jesus Day! :D

Since my last post, I have completed QUITE a few projects, as well as having bought QUITE a bit of yarn. (Seriously, I have an addiction...) So, rather than this being a blog, consider this your picture book of what I've done the last few weeks. :D

First up, is the hat I made for Ty. I was pretty pleased with how well it came out. I am NOT pleased, however, that I didn't take any good pictures of it. WTH was I thinking!?

Next is my super crazy, funky scarf that I made using my own original pattern. The yarn is from Darn Good Yarns. Super fabulous. The next picture is also yarn from the same store. I am working on another scarf with that, but it's not done, so no picture for you!!
This stuff is made from fiber off of banana trees. Pretty cool, right?!

Here is some of the yarn I ordered with my birthday monies. I couldn't help myself. :D

This is another scarf I made using my first original Scarlett's Stitches pattern. (This is that Wrapunzel yarn like in the picture above, only a different color)
I also began crocheting daisy doilies for a friends wedding in September. Her colors are white, yellow and green. (The pink one was for my super awesome owl mug at work)

I whipped this little purse out last night for Scarlett's Easter basket. Why should the Easter Bunny be the only one to give gifts? It only took an hour and turned out ADORABLE! It is small (big enough to carry a Nintendo DS) but so cute. I was pleased.
I was also very proud of the Easter Bunny cake I made for dessert. It was super delish. :D

Until next time............

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! Aren't they just too adorable???
    Oohhh Nicole's yarn! LOVE the scarf! And the hat looks amazing!