Sunday, November 06, 2011

250 Fan Giveaway!

You guys are super awesome!  I appreciate having each and every one of you stop by my Facebook Page. To celebrate having 250+ followers, I promised a giveaway!

To enter, just comment below with what you'd like your prize to be. I will choose a winner tomorrow evening using You have your choice of any of my scarves that are in stock, or if you prefer, I can whip you up a Dreamcatcher scarf in the color of your choosing. (You may have to wait for me to order yarn if I dont have that particular color in stock)

Scarves I currently have are pictured below.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holy Moly, it's been a while!

So, it appears that I've been QUITE the slacker with my blog. So, we'll get right down to some of the things I've created this past month!

 First off, is the slouchy beanie I made for a friend. Sorry, I haven't taken pics wearing it. I look DUMB in hats.
 Here is my precious, little lady, modeling my puff ball scarf. I hated this crap, when I first saw it, and now I LOVE it! What a fun, different, scarf!
 This little gem is Krista's Super Awesome Hotpad! It is named appropriately.
 Ahhh, the owl Kindle cover. I love it. It's in Packers colors. But LORD was it tedious. All single crochets, then sewing each little piece on. If I make one of these for you, know that I love you dearly, because it's not worth it to make these for "fun".
 BUNNY HAT! I made this for Scarlett when we went to see Max and Ruby Live. :D
 I got chosen to be a pattern tester for this fun, little guy! He now happily sits on my desk at work. (Here, he was sitting on my dishwasher. LOL)
 Here's my first purse. Not horrible, not great. I'm not a fan of bamboo handles, and I was just trying to use up some of my scrap Homespun I had lying around. Scarlett uses it to carry her "groceries".
 I made a Zebra hat for a friend's little girl. Instead of using black stripes, we did dark purple. FUN!
 And, last, but not least, some yummy yarn I picked up during the Covered Bridge Festival a few weeks ago. I dont know what I'm doing with either skein yet, but I know whatever they turn out to be, they'll be fab.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy Beaver Has Been Busy

Well, I certainly have been productive in the crochet area the last week. (Thank youuuuuuuu vacation!)
I got all the daisy dishcloths done for my friends wedding - I think I made about 25 or so.
I also finished my first ORIGINAL pattern - The Dreamcatcher Scarf. I have had this bad boy in my purse, and have only worked on it when stuck at the doctor or when I just got my oil changed. You can find the pattern HERE.
Last, but not least, I finished my friends Seaside Tote. Free pattern HERE if you're a Ravelry Member.
I'm also working on a pretty cool scarf for her as well, but I wont post pictures till that is completed.

Thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Little Yarn Owl is Going Yarn Bombing

Yep, that's right. My sweet grandparents are going to be in for quite a surprise some morning, when they wake up and find their tree looking like this.

 Okay...So why my grandparents? Because they're the only ones who wont call the cops on me. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hats Galore!

So, I've been kicking ass on the hats I've had to make. The first two are for a friend and former co-worker who's sister is having a baby. The 3rd is for my friend, and fellow crocheter who is due to have her baby next week. :D  I must say I love the ruffle brimmed beanie, but the yarn in picture 3 is absolutely delectable! This is all for now, I just had to share!! :D :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hats and Coasters and Dishcloths, Oh My!!

I'm currently working on eight (yes, that's right, EIGHT) hats. I'm also working on some fun flower coasters and dishcloths for a friends wedding. So I'm a busy beaver. Instead of actually working on one of the remaining seven hats, or oodles of coaster/dishcloths, I've been over at Tangled Happy's Blog for the past hour. She has got some AWESOME ideas. If only there were more (crafting) hours in the day....

Anywho, check out one of the hats I just completed.

Pretty cute, right? You can purchase the pattern here: RAKJ Patterns. Just like yarn, I'm addicted to patterns; especially hers. I guess it's better than being a crack addict, right? :)

More pictures of complete projects to follow in the next few days. I gotta savor these last 45 minutes and try to actually accomplish something other than looking at new projects on the interwebs.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Stitching it Up, Summer Style

Summer is finally here, and I now have a bit more craft time. Alex is almost 6 months old, and Scarlett will be three. My, how time flies!!

Currently, I have an order for dishcloths and coasters for a friends wedding, seven baby hats (all different styles from RAKJ Patterns ), as well as a hat for AJ (my tattoo guy!) Busy, busy, I will be! I just started my first baby hat tonight, since they are the only thing I currently have yarn for (amazing, considering the amount I have, right!?) The yarn for AJ's hat and the coasters should be in my hands this week. Good thing, because my second of four sessions is on 8/2, so I need to get his hat done pronto. And the wedding is in September, so I've only got two months to finish those. Not sure how many I truly need to make yet, but those will be fun too!

Words cant express how happy and grateful I am to actually have some projects to work on where I will be making some money. So far, everything has been for gifts, or my kids, other than the dishcloths I did for Relay For Life last year. It gives me hope that people really do appreciate handmade gifts.

Dont worry, I promise to post some pictures next time! For now, enjoy the deliciousness that is James Franco. <3

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Zombie Jesus Day! :D

Since my last post, I have completed QUITE a few projects, as well as having bought QUITE a bit of yarn. (Seriously, I have an addiction...) So, rather than this being a blog, consider this your picture book of what I've done the last few weeks. :D

First up, is the hat I made for Ty. I was pretty pleased with how well it came out. I am NOT pleased, however, that I didn't take any good pictures of it. WTH was I thinking!?

Next is my super crazy, funky scarf that I made using my own original pattern. The yarn is from Darn Good Yarns. Super fabulous. The next picture is also yarn from the same store. I am working on another scarf with that, but it's not done, so no picture for you!!
This stuff is made from fiber off of banana trees. Pretty cool, right?!

Here is some of the yarn I ordered with my birthday monies. I couldn't help myself. :D

This is another scarf I made using my first original Scarlett's Stitches pattern. (This is that Wrapunzel yarn like in the picture above, only a different color)
I also began crocheting daisy doilies for a friends wedding in September. Her colors are white, yellow and green. (The pink one was for my super awesome owl mug at work)

I whipped this little purse out last night for Scarlett's Easter basket. Why should the Easter Bunny be the only one to give gifts? It only took an hour and turned out ADORABLE! It is small (big enough to carry a Nintendo DS) but so cute. I was pleased.
I was also very proud of the Easter Bunny cake I made for dessert. It was super delish. :D

Until next time............

Monday, March 28, 2011

Seriously...I'm in need of a Yarn-Aholics-Anonymous Group

I swore to myself after my last post, "NO MORE YARN!!" until I used up some of what I had. Errrr...Not so much. Here are just a few of the lovely things I've picked up since the last post...

I am most excited for the Wrapunzel yarn! It is so soft and has a ton of different colors and textures. I LOVE it!! These are my new favorite types of yarn. I really have a problem, and think I need therapy. (It's better than doing drugs, right?!)

So, after the yarn spree, I ordered myself a pair of knitting needles from Laurel Hill. This is the site I got my ebony crochet hooks. Love love loooooooove them. Worth every penny, if I do say so myself.
We'll see how the knitting goes. I suck, so I'm not thinking it will go very well. I am a much better crocheter. Not to mention, I am impatient and I get faster results with crocheting. :)

I am also working on a fun hat for Ty, and I am ALMOST done, except I need to buy some plastic canvas for the brim. You dont get a picture of this, because I dont have a good one. Sorry.

Here is the first current project I am working on, since Scarlett's blanket has bored me and is on the backburner:
This is a mesh scarf I found online. It's fun and should be flowy. I'm using Vanna's Choice, so it's not as flowy as I'd like. But the yarn is beautiful and it will be nice when finished. I bought some gold Vanna's Glamour, which I think will work much better the 2nd time around.

This next project is top priority, and the most special I've done so far:
I'm making this lovely throw for my mom for her 50th birthday. I'm hoping I can have it done in time (2 weeks!!). If not, I'll be busting my ass to get it done by Mother's Day. This is Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn, in Lavendar. Beautiful and soft. I'm contemplating making one for my MIL's 50th birthday in November too; except I'm going to do white or off white.

Last, but definitely NOT least, is my BEST purchase since last post:
My super awesome, mega cool Yarn Owl Tattoo!!!!!!! :D

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Name is Angie, and I Have a Yarn Addiction...

I know it's been quite some time since my last post. A lot of things have happened; one of which is that the PACKERS WON THE SUPERBOWL! :)

I've completed a few projects while I've been off. Not as many as I would have liked, but there's not much time to crochet between the plastic food picnics, snuggling with Little Man and laundry. Good lord, the laundry. It is never ending now, and will only get worse as the kids get older. (Lucky me!)

So, here is what's been completed:

A pretty little poncho for Scarlett! It was only supposed to be one solid color, but I liked the idea of two springy colors. :) If only I could get her to keep it on....

Next up, is the crochet hook case! Originally it had started out as a blanket for Alex, but I didn't like starting from the corner, so I got sick of it and turned it into this. Cute, if I do say so myself. It is my first "Scarlett's Stitches Original". :)

I have two "in process" pieces to share (I am also working on Jesse's blanket and Christmas stockings):

A Fun Fur scarf and also a blanket for Scarlett. She requested a yellow blanket, so I've got 14 of 49 squares completed.

I like the sunburst pattern. I am going to be doing the border in a fun, light orange color. I haven't decided if I'm going to join the squares with yellow or the orange yet. I have enough squares done for two rows, so I may try to sew them together using one of each, and see what I like better.

Another project I'm going to be working on is a hat for my buddy Tyler. He drew me up the most AMAZING owl tattoo. I cant wait to talk to AJ to make an appointment. It is going to be epic. I will post pictures of the tat and drawing at the same time, just to keep you waiting in anticipation! ;) I have to wait for the yarn to be delivered before I can start Ty's hat. Although, looking at the picture below, it's hard to believe that I actually needed to ORDER yarn, since my stash chest is full. (Did that stop me from getting yarn at Joann's online sale yesterday? Nope....)

Which is why I must say, "Hi..My name is Angie, and I have a yarn addiction."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Alex is Here!

Our sweet, little boy finally decided to make his appearance on January 14th at 3:04pm! :) At the last minute, we decided to go with Alexander Jesse, instead of Benjamin Gabriel. It was all my doing, when Jesse asked which name I wanted to use. I haven't gotten any crocheting done since his arrival...I have been too busy snuggling! He was 8lbs, 3oz and 21 inches long. The whole birthing process was MUCH easier this time around. Scarlett doesn't know what to think of her baby brother...She still "doesn't like him!" but we no longer have to bribe her with jelly beans to give him a kiss.

Yesterday, Jesse and I learned just how much more difficult it is to drag two kids out and about all day, than it was with just Scarlett. He's easy to cart around, but she's a maniac that wants to run wild, arms flailing. (You dont realize this until you have a little one you have to protect!) It's already depressing, thinking of having to go back to work in about 9 weeks. I've tried to con Jesse into letting me stay home, but he wont let me. Boooo!

I am sure my posts will be few and far between the next few months. If I get any more projects done, I'll be sure to try to post!