Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hats and Coasters and Dishcloths, Oh My!!

I'm currently working on eight (yes, that's right, EIGHT) hats. I'm also working on some fun flower coasters and dishcloths for a friends wedding. So I'm a busy beaver. Instead of actually working on one of the remaining seven hats, or oodles of coaster/dishcloths, I've been over at Tangled Happy's Blog for the past hour. She has got some AWESOME ideas. If only there were more (crafting) hours in the day....

Anywho, check out one of the hats I just completed.

Pretty cute, right? You can purchase the pattern here: RAKJ Patterns. Just like yarn, I'm addicted to patterns; especially hers. I guess it's better than being a crack addict, right? :)

More pictures of complete projects to follow in the next few days. I gotta savor these last 45 minutes and try to actually accomplish something other than looking at new projects on the interwebs.

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