Saturday, July 09, 2011

Stitching it Up, Summer Style

Summer is finally here, and I now have a bit more craft time. Alex is almost 6 months old, and Scarlett will be three. My, how time flies!!

Currently, I have an order for dishcloths and coasters for a friends wedding, seven baby hats (all different styles from RAKJ Patterns ), as well as a hat for AJ (my tattoo guy!) Busy, busy, I will be! I just started my first baby hat tonight, since they are the only thing I currently have yarn for (amazing, considering the amount I have, right!?) The yarn for AJ's hat and the coasters should be in my hands this week. Good thing, because my second of four sessions is on 8/2, so I need to get his hat done pronto. And the wedding is in September, so I've only got two months to finish those. Not sure how many I truly need to make yet, but those will be fun too!

Words cant express how happy and grateful I am to actually have some projects to work on where I will be making some money. So far, everything has been for gifts, or my kids, other than the dishcloths I did for Relay For Life last year. It gives me hope that people really do appreciate handmade gifts.

Dont worry, I promise to post some pictures next time! For now, enjoy the deliciousness that is James Franco. <3

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