Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

The last few days have been hectic, yet fabulous. Christmas Eve consisted of lots of cleaning, running around and family festivities with my in-laws. They spoiled all three of us. My MIL got me a few awesome crochet hooks. They are great. It took a little while to get used to them, as they are long and dont have grooves for fingers, but they work well. I was going to order a few more, until I saw how much they were. So, I ordered the set that we got her for her birthday. :D See one of my gorgeous Christmas hooks below.
Scarlett, of course, got WAY too much stuff. She did love all her toys and has played with all of them the whole weekend. Here is just one snippet of joy from yesterday's festivities.
Today has consisted of laundry, relaxation and food. I am currently working on the baby cocoon. I haven't had time to work on it for about 2 weeks or so.  I am anxious to finish it so I can start Jesse's Zelda blanket. I finished baby Ben's blanket last week, so we're good to go in that department. I have another appointment on Tuesday, so we'll see if the dilating has progressed.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Successful Crocheting Week!

I've gotten quite a bit accomplished this week, both with crocheting and with Christmas gift buying/wrapping. All gifts are purchased and wrapped, aside from one or two small things I need to pick up this week.

I've made three scarves since last Sunday. I posted Felicia's scarf a few days ago. On Thursday I finished a scarf for my OB/GYN. She is an outstanding person, and I wanted to do something nice for her. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure what color(s) to do for her, so I just did purple and pink. I am quite pleased with how it came out.

The second project I started yesterday was a baby cocoon for Ben. I accidentally bought yarn that was lighter than what the pattern called for, so I've had to wing it a bit. The WHOLE thing is single crochet's so it's taking a while. I figured I'd finish all of my Christmas dishcloths (DONE) before I really focused on that.

Today I started a scarf for my cousin. He has a quirky sense of humor, like me, and when I saw the pattern for a bacon scarf, I HAD to make it. I started it this afternoon and had it done by dinner time. I was the most fun scarf I've ever made. I giggled like a 5 year old the whole time. I hope he likes it as much as I do! It came out quite nicely.

I still need to finish Ben's blanket. I will try to focus on that this week. He could be here any day now. Just look at how huge this belly is, compared to where I was two weeks later than this when I was pregnant with Scarlett. I'm gonna tip over here pretty soon!!

I'm not sure how much posting I will be doing between now and New Years, depending on when he decides to come. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you all!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Process Has Begun...

So, I had another prenatal visit today, and it seems as though things have begun to progress! I started having what Christina called "mini" contractions today. My cervix is forward and I'm starting to dilate. Crazy!!! Looks like baby Ben may be here before New Year's after all. :)

Over the past week I've made two scarves and am almost done with all of my dishcloths for my Christmas gift baskets. The top scarf pictured below is a skinny ruffle scarf that I made for my brother-in-law's girlfriend. It turned out super cute! The second is a skinny scarf I made for myself out of Vanna Yarn in purple and gold. The picture doesn't do it justice. Stupid cell phone lighting! This past Sunday was our last Crochetmania at our house until after Ben arrives.  I think the other girls will be getting together elsewhere.

Other than that, it's been the same old same old. Work, laundry, cooking, dishes and playtime with my lovebug. :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ahh, Weekends...

Everyone loves the weekends. It's what we strive for during the work week (along with a paycheck). I'm no different. Not because I dislike my job, because I am actually one of the few people in the world that loves what I do, but because it's fabulous getting to spend two full days with my family. <3

Saturday was not unlike any other. Jesse played football in the morning while Scarlett and I went shopping. Every year, my employer participates in a Christmas gift program for local Children & Youth kids. This year I was feeling particularly spunky and chose TWO mittens instead of one. Scarlett and I chose a few outfits for each child, a coat for each and a few toys as well. I spent a tad bit more than planned (this was confirmed when Jesse goes, "Sweet Jesus, HOW much did you spend?) But....This is what the holidays are all about. We are fortunate enough to be able to give our child(ren) anything they may want or need. Others are not, so if I can help make two kids have an enjoyable Christmas, my job is done. Nothing feels better than being able to do something to help someone in need.

After our little shopping excursion, Scarlett and I stopped to visit Pappy C. for a while. (Grammy had to work, BOO) Scarlett made Pap break out the Hot Wheels for her to play with. Then she wanted bread. Yes, bread. My child is a weirdo and likes bread. So, she had two pieces of bread and an apple during our visit.

When we got home, of course I had to turn our friend BARNEY on tv. I was able to wrap all of the gifts for the kids and get them put in their gift bags to take into work tomorrow. After Jesse got home, we all kind of lazed around on the couch, watching movies while I crocheted. I took this sweet little jem of a picture, which pretty much sums up that afternoon.

Jas came over to visit us for a while Saturday night too. We called and ordered pizza from Rocco's. Their pizza isn't so fabulous, but LORD do their cheesesteaks rock. They always take FOREVER to deliver too. Although, they're the only people who deliver in our rinky dink town, so that was why I sacrificed taste for having to go out in the cold to pick up a pizza from Picarellas. :) Scarlett ended up snuggling with Daddy on the couch, and falling asleep before our dinner could get there. We tried waking her up to eat, but she refused. She slept on the couch while we ate our pizza, then Jesse carried her to bed and that was that.

After we got our showers, we snuggled up on the couch again to finish watching a movie we we paused halfway through. I worked on one of my Christmas dishcloths I started for a few gift baskets I'm going to make. I like how it's coming out. I am doing a new pattern with something called a Grit Stitch. It makes fun little V clusters that sorta look like snakeskin.
Sunday was actually kind of busy, once we finally got up and around. I made us pink pancakes for breakfast, then Jesse thought it would be a good idea to rearrange what we call our "long room". The room is long and narrow and there's not much we've been able to do with it up to this point. Jesse had a good idea to move our dining room table where we had our desks, and vice versa. So, since I obviously couldn't help move the heavy things, I vacuumed, dusted and moved the little things. It looks a LOT better, like we have two separate rooms. Good job, Jesse. :)

Now it's time for Sunday night football and to finish up this dishcloth. Since it's mostly single crochets, it takes a while, not to mention eats up a lot of yarn. I think I'll only be getting two dishcloths out of the 2 balls I bought, rather than the normal 4.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Louder, Lili!

This afternoon, I got home from work and unloaded the dishwasher and played on the interwebs for a bit before Scarlett and Daddy got home. As soon as they come in, she starts yelling, "HI MOMMY, HI MOMMY!! WATCH BARNEY!!" (Barney has become THE tv show as of late, God help us) So, being the good Mom I am, I play the first thing on the DVR and we sit and snuggle while watching Barney. She insisted on having mac n cheese and a hot dog for dinner, along with some cherries. Hey, she ate, so I'm happy.

Once dinner was done, she wanted to watch MORE Barney. (Seriously?!?!) We dont even get halfway through this episode, lost all interest and wanted to read books while I was talking to Mom. Then she wanted to talk to Mom, so I put her on speaker. All she kept saying was, "Hi Gamma, whaddaya doooooooin?" Then Dad got on, and the only thing she'd say was, "Hi Pap! PAP IN THERE!"

At this point it's 7 and bath time. She is devastated that we have to get off the phone and turn off Barney. Jesse gives her a bath while I get everything ready for her. She refuses to let me read to her, "DADDY DO IT!!" Then, when it's actually time to go to sleep, she is devastate because she wants to read Louder, Lili! Again, Mommy is not good enough to read it. The only thing I was allowed to read was Goodnight Moon, and even then, she read half of it.

Now, it's time to work on Ben's blanket and watch Supernatural. And maybe have some pickles. :)  Tomorrow Scarlett and I will be going on a little shopping trip, so hopefully I'll have some good stories and cute pictures to share. I'd like to get some cookie cutters and things to decorate some cookies. I love my Saturdays with my sunshine.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


After seeing a few friends start blogs, I thought maybe I would try my hand at it.

Today has been a wonderful day.

My mom scored a new (OLD) pattern for me for snowflake stitches. I had searched far and wide on the internet, and couldn't find it. A lady at work had given me a copy of the pattern she had, but it was very dark and hard to read. It turns out that the pattern mom found is the EXACT same thing. SO excited. It's a little more advanced and will test what mediocre skills I have, but I'm up for the challenge.

Scarlett actually ate ALL her dinner today. You dont have any idea what an accomplishment this is. This child has been giving us the WORST time when it comes to eating lately. I think she's getting some more teeth, so I attribute it to that. Now that we put the Christmas tree up, she's been giving us a little more hassle with bath and bed time. She wants to look at the "pretty lights!" all night. She cracks me up. On our drive home every night, she gets mad at the houses that are dark. She will yell at the window saying, "PUT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS UP!!" at every house that has nothing out/turned on. Ahh, the things that are important to a two and a half year old. If you're someone that doesn't have your lights up, you better get on it, or you'll be hearing from my child.

Now I have some time to work on baby Ben's blanket while I watch Grey's. :) Hopefully I have this done until he gets here, but I cant make any promises. January 13th is approaching rapidly and I dont think I'll make it that far anyway. Time will tell...

 I am also working on a blanket for Jesse. He requested a Link blanket quite a while ago. I finally drew up the pattern for it, bought all of the yarn, and started on the TINY blocks it calls for. This will take me all year. No, really. Once Ben gets here, it probably wont be ready for Jesse till next Christmas. :)

I cant wait to see what adventures are in store for us this weekend.