Friday, December 03, 2010

Louder, Lili!

This afternoon, I got home from work and unloaded the dishwasher and played on the interwebs for a bit before Scarlett and Daddy got home. As soon as they come in, she starts yelling, "HI MOMMY, HI MOMMY!! WATCH BARNEY!!" (Barney has become THE tv show as of late, God help us) So, being the good Mom I am, I play the first thing on the DVR and we sit and snuggle while watching Barney. She insisted on having mac n cheese and a hot dog for dinner, along with some cherries. Hey, she ate, so I'm happy.

Once dinner was done, she wanted to watch MORE Barney. (Seriously?!?!) We dont even get halfway through this episode, lost all interest and wanted to read books while I was talking to Mom. Then she wanted to talk to Mom, so I put her on speaker. All she kept saying was, "Hi Gamma, whaddaya doooooooin?" Then Dad got on, and the only thing she'd say was, "Hi Pap! PAP IN THERE!"

At this point it's 7 and bath time. She is devastated that we have to get off the phone and turn off Barney. Jesse gives her a bath while I get everything ready for her. She refuses to let me read to her, "DADDY DO IT!!" Then, when it's actually time to go to sleep, she is devastate because she wants to read Louder, Lili! Again, Mommy is not good enough to read it. The only thing I was allowed to read was Goodnight Moon, and even then, she read half of it.

Now, it's time to work on Ben's blanket and watch Supernatural. And maybe have some pickles. :)  Tomorrow Scarlett and I will be going on a little shopping trip, so hopefully I'll have some good stories and cute pictures to share. I'd like to get some cookie cutters and things to decorate some cookies. I love my Saturdays with my sunshine.

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  1. Barney ha ha! My little brother grew up watching that show so I am familiar with ALLLL the episodes lol. It's awesome that you started a blog! I will stay tuned. Hope you had a great day with Scarlett!